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My Top Nine Favorite Video Game Soundtracks (Click titles to open playlists)

Alan Wake (Petri Alanko, various artists) (I didn’t find any one page that has all the music featured in the game on it; the top one has a significant chunk, however.) My Favorites: Petri Alanko – Tom the Diver; The Black Angels – Young Men Dead; Anomie Bell – How Can I Be Sure; Poe – Haunted; Depeche […]

Haiku Reviews #2

Slender: The Eight Pages A forest. Alone. Paper cry for help–who’s there? OH GOD SHIT SHIT SHIT Bioshock: Infinite Saturated dreamscape Mysteries on conveyor belts. Guns save the day; why? Bastion Earth is in the sky: The sky that is weeping. No justice for war.

Bioshock: Infinite Theory?

Alright, I’m about 10 hours into Bioshock: Infinite. Here’s what I think’s going on. Theoretical Spoilers: Elizabeth is a creature from a parallel world. Her race exists with the natural ability to shift through parallel realities. The two folks who drop you off on the boat at the beginning–they’re her real parents. Comstock might never […]

The Tides of Change and the JoCo Effect

While reading “So You Want To Be A Horror Writer?” on Dark Echo, I started thinking about the digital self-production model for publishing. Here’s a quote that was particularly relevant to my thoughts: Publishing has become a profit-oriented industry that is no longer extremely concerned with what was once the “average” genre author — the […]


EDIT: I was a bit pissed the day I wrote all this and the mood more or less flowed into my manic flight of ideas, dissecting it through the perspective of a lot of other thoughts that happened to be bubbling up in my brain at the same time. Still, some of the points are […]

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Silent Hill 2 In this game, you play as Murphy Pendleton, a prison inmate who is sidelined into the surreal town of Silent Hill when the bus for his transfer to a supermax prison crashes off the edge of one of the town’s many bottomless ravines. Throughout the game, Pendleton tries to run from his […]