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Horror – The Unresolution

In response to:¬†http://www.teemingbrain.com/2012/11/12/to-suffer-this-world-or-illuminate-another-on-the-meanings-of-horror/#comment-179778   I agree with most of this article, save for a few points. Firstly, I think that Ligotti’s answer is a cop out, or at least a retreat from the true heart of the question. His answer to “why horror” seems to be “because people want to know that other people feel […]


Last night was one of those nights of sleep where the dreams bordered on prophetic. Usually the product of an overtaxed waking day–in this case, stressed out about the condition of my novel–I tend to wake up from those dreams with my mind, rather than oozing back into a state of coherence, steaming and leaden […]