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Horror – The Unresolution

In response to:¬†http://www.teemingbrain.com/2012/11/12/to-suffer-this-world-or-illuminate-another-on-the-meanings-of-horror/#comment-179778   I agree with most of this article, save for a few points. Firstly, I think that Ligotti’s answer is a cop out, or at least a retreat from the true heart of the question. His answer to “why horror” seems to be “because people want to know that other people feel […]

Lessons on the Internet from the Wild West

Earlier this week, at the regular movie night which a friend and I host, we watched a classic western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,¬†starring James (Jimmy) Stewart and John Wayne, playing characters (a lawyer and a homesteader, respectively) with the personalities they’d be typecast with for the span of their careers. At the film’s […]


EDIT: I was a bit pissed the day I wrote all this and the mood more or less flowed into my manic flight of ideas, dissecting it through the perspective of a lot of other thoughts that happened to be bubbling up in my brain at the same time. Still, some of the points are […]