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My Top Nine Favorite Video Game Soundtracks (Click titles to open playlists)

Alan Wake (Petri Alanko, various artists) (I didn’t find any one page that has all the music featured in the game on it; the top one has a significant chunk, however.) My Favorites: Petri Alanko – Tom the Diver; The Black Angels – Young Men Dead; Anomie Bell – How Can I Be Sure; Poe – Haunted; Depeche […]

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Silent Hill 2 In this game, you play as Murphy Pendleton, a prison inmate who is sidelined into the surreal town of Silent Hill when the bus for his transfer to a supermax prison crashes off the edge of one of the town’s many bottomless ravines. Throughout the game, Pendleton tries to run from his […]