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“Being” a Writer

I was watching Amanda Palmer “Connecting the Dots”. She asked writers “when did it first feel like you were a writer?” (Or something like that.) She said the most common answer–what I would intuit as the closest thing to a “correct” answer–is when the writer was told that their work moved someone. And that really […]

A Writer Without A Clue

Most days, when I work on writing, I feel I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. There’s a gentleman named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who set forth the psychological dynamics of engagement with a task, with boredom trending towards anxiety where challenge is present but (actual or, in some cases, perceived) skill is lacking and […]

Post-Submission Blues

There’s nothing worse than that feeling after submitting something for review that you know it just wasn’t good enough. So it is for me in the wending hours after I’ve submitted my novel excerpt for Clarion. In the shower today, I was thinking about the nature of writing and it seems, with regards to technique, […]


Last night was one of those nights of sleep where the dreams bordered on prophetic. Usually the product of an overtaxed waking day–in this case, stressed out about the condition of my novel–I tend to wake up from those dreams with my mind, rather than oozing back into a state of coherence, steaming and leaden […]

Where are you?

My name is Blake Vaughn, and this is my blog, but more than that, it’s a chance for you to talk to me and for me to talk back to you and, in this roundabout way, we can get to know one another. Arguably you will get to know me better than I will get […]