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Horror – The Unresolution

In response to:¬†http://www.teemingbrain.com/2012/11/12/to-suffer-this-world-or-illuminate-another-on-the-meanings-of-horror/#comment-179778   I agree with most of this article, save for a few points. Firstly, I think that Ligotti’s answer is a cop out, or at least a retreat from the true heart of the question. His answer to “why horror” seems to be “because people want to know that other people feel […]

“Being” a Writer

I was watching Amanda Palmer “Connecting the Dots”. She asked writers “when did it first feel like you were a writer?” (Or something like that.) She said the most common answer–what I would intuit as the closest thing to a “correct” answer–is when the writer was told that their work moved someone. And that really […]

Editing while Writing (a.k.a. Radiation Treatment)

I spent an hour agonizing over three-hundred words today. This is hardly efficient. The situation I’ve found myself in with this story (“A Crack Runs Through Me”) is that, on impulse, as an exercise, I wanted to add in a challenge to my MC, to throw something unexpected against him/her/it to make the story a […]