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My Top Nine Favorite Video Game Soundtracks (Click titles to open playlists)

Alan Wake (Petri Alanko, various artists) (I didn’t find any one page that has all the music featured in the game on it; the top one has a significant chunk, however.) My Favorites: Petri Alanko – Tom the Diver; The Black Angels – Young Men Dead; Anomie Bell – How Can I Be Sure; Poe – Haunted; Depeche […]

The Music Post

I have an mp3 player. I do not have a smart phone–I have a phone with a great deal of personal weaknesses and character flaws that make it the plucky, serviceable piece of technology that will ideally last me clear through the next three iPhone releases. I am a Luddite in the gradual slope towards […]

Blake Goes to a Bar with a Band

The bar, as it turned out, was not quite a dive bar, or not what I’d imagine a dive bar to be. A dive bar, in my mind, is without soul or heart: It’s a despairing place where people go in a misguided attempt to alleviate some intrinsic problem of mind, mood or situation with alcohol. […]