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Commercialization, Art, and Innovation (from my Twitter feed)

. . .INCEPTION. . . Inspired by: @dirtytea: reddit crashed this great Ubisoft Game review, here’s a grab. Spot on: http://t.co/Rm5VlDXceb @dirtytea: cont… http://t.co/Ph5Yn7yQ4p & http://t.co/jorsHYEnln “Ubisoft game” article underscores a fine question about criticism. When a publisher keeps making the same game while leaving old problems unaddressed, at what point do we stop tolerating […]


EDIT: I was a bit pissed the day I wrote all this and the mood more or less flowed into my manic flight of ideas, dissecting it through the perspective of a lot of other thoughts that happened to be bubbling up in my brain at the same time. Still, some of the points are […]

Blake Goes to a Bar with a Band

The bar, as it turned out, was not quite a dive bar, or not what I’d imagine a dive bar to be. A dive bar, in my mind, is without soul or heart: It’s a despairing place where people go in a misguided attempt to¬†alleviate some intrinsic problem of mind, mood or situation with alcohol. […]