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Idea: Deprivatization of Vital Industries

After reading this–http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/4/16/oligarchy-politicsus.html–I had a thought. What if companies that made over a certain percentage of gross income of the industry at large were automatically absorbed into and regulated by the national government as an infrastructurally-vital industry? Structurally, it would be similar to a┬álegal monopoly, like that of the utilities companies: the government buys out […]

My Bloody eBook Reader (or America, The Third World Country)

eBook Readers This week, I was thinking of getting an eBook reader. A long while back, I heard/read that the only way it becomes cost effective to buy one is if you read a ton (a book a week plus newspapers, etc.). In my case, I want it for keeping well-read in various digital short […]