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Watched in 2015: 108 Reviews in 108 Characters (or fewer)

2015 was kind of a shit year, to be honest. Not “my dog has cancer and now I also have cancer” shit, but let’s say that if 2015 got a passing grade, it was only because they didn’t care enough to hold it back a year. [2015 (2015) – (6/10)] A few speckles of gold here […]

Watched in 2014: 100 Reviews of 100 Movies in 100 Characters (or less)

I caught up on books (25) this year at the expense of video games (only about 12; a more than fair trade, if you ask me). Once again, I somehow managed to get in exactly 100 movies between January 1st and December 31st, and now, here I am at the end of another new year, […]

Watched in 2013: 100 Reviews of 100 Movies in 100 Characters (or less)

While I fell short on my goals for reading this year, my movie watching was out of the park! In the end, I watched exactly 100 films this year; some were good, some were bad; a lot were middling, mixed, and mediocre. Most of them weren’t released this year, but this year marks the first time […]

Some Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen (But Should!)

Whether they simply don’t fit traditional formats, are old, are produced outside of the mainstream studios, or simply never get brought over to the U.S. of A., certain horror films just slip by unnoticed, and there are quite a few gems in among all the straight-to-bargain-bin stuff that goes the same way. I thought I’d […]

Blake Writes A Story #3

As A Fledgling Descends – Part 2 (horror, sci-fi, drama) Free download for your ebook reader (Right-Click and Save As):   PDF   TXT   And now, the other shoe drops as Anfeald’s tale approaches its close. Fledgling was a LONG process of editing, and by all rights, it could have been a lot shorter. Like […]

As A Fledgling Descends – Part 2 (horror, sci-fi, drama)

As A Fledgling Descends – Part II by Blake Vaughn   There could be no question that it was him: The bloody-freckled cheek spatters, the hard, sharp eyes, and the small, waxy nose were all Tommy’s, but there was something else very, very wrong with him and the longer that Anfeald stared the more it […]