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“Being” a Writer

I was watching Amanda Palmer “Connecting the Dots”. She asked writers “when did it first feel like you were a writer?” (Or something like that.) She said the most common answer–what I would intuit as the closest thing to a “correct” answer–is when the writer was told that their work moved someone. And that really […]


EDIT: I was a bit pissed the day I wrote all this and the mood more or less flowed into my manic flight of ideas, dissecting it through the perspective of a lot of other thoughts that happened to be bubbling up in my brain at the same time. Still, some of the points are […]

On Running and Walking

Passion. Verve. Intensity. Talking about it objectively kills it, pins it dead to the page; you can sidle around it with metaphor, but only in the being rapt by it can you understand it. It’s an emotional thing. It’s working past exhaustion. It’s the same love that one must bring to art to receive it […]

Post-Submission Blues

There’s nothing worse than that feeling after submitting something for review that you know it just wasn’t good enough. So it is for me in the wending hours after I’ve submitted my novel excerpt for Clarion. In the shower today, I was thinking about the nature of writing and it seems, with regards to technique, […]

Endless Preparations

I spent the bulk of my working time today trying to develop a lexicon for my world and my characters to use. After two or three hours embarrassingly shy of ¬†two-thousand words typed, I came to a conclusion: Making up slang is hard. Actually, let me refine that a bit. Making up GOOD slang is […]