My Work


(“UNTITLED NOVEL – CNB1”) – (novel, fantasy, mystery, a lost book, 2015) CURRENTLY WRITING [GOD HELP ME]

(“UNTITLED SHORT STORY COLLECTION”) – (short stories, compilation, eBook, 2016?) CURRENTLY COMPILING/EDITING

“Bury Me Down By the Highway Side (Refrain x3)” – (short story, horror, a plastic guitar, 2015) CURRENTLY EDITING

“The Tale of the Mangled Knight” – (short story, fantasy, horror, cosmic horror, a loaf of bread and a flagon of wine, 2015) 1st DRAFT

(“Terminator”) – (flash fiction, sci-fi, pruning shears, 2015) 1st DRAFT

(“Mailboxing”) – (short story, horror, a ’55 Ford, 2015) 1st DRAFT

(“The Dead”) – (short story, horror, shag carpet, 2015) 1st DRAFT

(“The Wines of Carcosa”) – (short story, horror, drama, minimalist, arcade tickets, 2015) 1st DRAFT

(“Jungle Fable”) – (short story, cosmic horror, a sharps disposal box, 2015) INC. 1st DRAFT

“Waste Management” – (short story, drama, horror, post-modernism, roadkill, 2014) OUT OF SUBMISSION

“Cat’s Climb” – (short story, horror, a three-inch slit in a screen window, 2015) OUT OF SUBMISSION

“Wallflower” – (short story, horror, fiberglass insulation, 2015) 2nd DRAFT/ABANDONED

“The Firmanauts” – (short story, sci-fi, a tincture of arsenic, 2014) TRUNKED

“Badges” – (short story, horror, a hatchet, 2014, 2nd draft) TRUNKED

“The Magic Men of Dunsdale County” – (short story, fantasy, drama, a top hat, 2013) TRUNKED


“The Sharp End of the Bell Curve” – (short story, horror, brass brads, 2014) 2nd DRAFT/ABANDONED

“The Slow Bullet” – (short story, horror, a cigar box, 2014) 2nd DRAFT (ON HIATUS DUE TO IRRECONCILABLE MECHANICAL ISSUES)

“The Diplomat” – (short story, sci-fi, drama, experimental, the color yellow, 2014) 1st DRAFT

(“Bracelet”) – (screenplay, short film, horror, gemstones, 2014) 1st DRAFT

“There’s Tigers In the Cornfield” – (short story, horror, pet adoption center, 2014) 1st DRAFT

(“Breakfast”) – (short story, horror, a burnt timepiece, 2014) PARTIAL DRAFT

(“Hotbox”) – (short story, horror, a dry paintbrush, 2014) 1st DRAFT

(UNTITLED FOUND-FOOTAGE PROJECT) – A thing, horror, 2013-14) 1st DRAFT

“Those Who Looked Down From Babel” – (short story, horror, two oxygen tanks, 2014) 1st DRAFT/ABANDONED

“Silkworm” – (short story/novella, horror, drama, a line of paint, 2014) 1st/2nd DRAFT

(“The Servants of the Endless Meal”) – (short story/novella, horror, a fork, 2014) 1st DRAFT


(UNTITLED NOVEL-THING) – (novel, interactive fiction, electronic, experimental, horror, drama, literary, 2013) CURRENTLY RESEARCHING

(“Going Up”) – (short story, fantasy, drama, a grey flake of ash, 2013) 1st DRAFT

(“The Last Meal”) – (short story, horror, chef’s knife, 2013) 1st DRAFT

(“Dead Language Arts”) – (short story, fantasy, sci-fi, horror(?), drama, chalk, 2013) 1st DRAFT

“Cell 338” – (short story, horror, one sink, 2013) 1st DRAFT

(“Enough/A Still Garden”) – (short story, fantasy, the last grain of rice, 2013) 1st DRAFT

(“Engine”) – (short story, horror, wrong dogs, 2013) 1st DRAFT

“Post Terminus” – (short story, sci-fi, horror, drama, distances, 2012) 1st Draft WANT TO EDIT BUT I DON’T TRUST MYSELF TO DO IT RIGHT ALSO I THINK THERE MIGHT BE PARTS MISSING FROM IT (STRUCTURALLY, I MEAN)

“Archival Access” – (short story, horror, fantasy, a pile of burning books, 2013)

“A Crack Runs Through Me” – (short story, horror, stubbed cigarette butts, 2013)

“We, Trumpeted” – (short story,  fantasy, experimental, radio silence, 2013)

“‘That House'” – (short story, horror, experimental, the stain in the middle of the carpet, 2012)

“Usurpers of the Jungle Throne” – (short story, horror, hunting spear, 2012)

“Static” – (short story, horror, gothic, T.V. dinner, 2012)

“As A Fledgling Descends” – (novelette, fantasy, sci-fi, report card, 2012)

“January Roses” – (short story, fantasy, horror, crimson lingerie, 2011)


Jacob and the Beast – (novel, sci-fi, drama, 2012) 1st Draft

“The Cobbler” – (short story, horror, 1lb sugar, 2012) 1st Draft

“usenet.alt.zed” – (short story, horror, drama, experimental, the internet, 2012) 1st Draft

“Heroes and Villains” – (short story, drama, a mask, 2012) 1st Draft

“L’tragedie” – (short story, fantasy, drama, experimental, auto-plagiaristic, never release this, in fact go burn it right now, 2012) PENDING INCINERATION

“Group Portrait/A Man of Questionable Character” – (short story, comedy, experimental, a night out on the town, 2012) 1st Draft

“Ouroboros” – (short story, horror, experimental, splatterpunk, retractor, 2012) Ugh.

Sick Day” – (poem, fantasy, hot bath, 2012) Silly poetic story about sentient rhymes written based on a prompt from Neil Gaiman’s “How to Talk to Girls At Parties.”


Dungeon Magazine #179 – “Faarlung’s Algorithm” (credited as Syd Thurston) – (adventure scenario, fantasy, horror) An adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Drew inspiration from the works of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft: A professional thief is found wandering through town, raving like a lunatic and clutching a potent magical artifact, while all around the town a deadly disease, hordes of monsters and a cabal of murderous cultists close in on the energies unleashed by the dangerous device.


Pseudopod #156 – “Leviathan”, as read by Ben Phillips – (short story, horror) A short horror story I wrote in college that showcases a lot of my weaknesses as a writer: The last journal entry of a drifter at the end of his rope recounts his harrowing experience aboard a fishing ship in a cursed Norwegian lake.