First half of Chris Hecker’s GDC 2013 rant┬áhas led me to a revised method of producing content for my blog. While I’m still working on getting short stories into submission, it’s becoming clear that I’m working too slow to stay on target. Same goes for poems; I’m too reticent to write them.

Theoretically, if I start devoting TWO hours a week to editing (compared to my one hour weekly writing schedule) I’ll be able to stay on track. I’ve been keeping up pretty well for the past two months on my one-hour-a-week plan, and if I can ease myself into a two-hour schedule (and figure out how to make myself sit there and work diligently for the whole time) the problem might fix itself.

If the problem persists, however, I might start picking and choosing among my stories to pick some specifically to be edited for submission and the others will be automatically binned as blog-fodder and given minimal oversight before posting. I’d really, REALLY rather not do the latter. Even if it’s free, I’m trying to maintain a level of professionalism regarding the quality of my work. Still, I need content, and if I can’t get myself to work harder, I’m going to have to start tossing projects away.

There’s just not enough time in the day to waste on self-indulgent anxieties and there are a lot of stories in my hopper that are just waiting to be told.

On related news, I’ll be working on an updated design of the blog, a preview of which I already posted on Twitter earlier in the week. I’m afraid I’m not much of a designer, but I’m optimistic that the new layout will feature better web connectivity, layout, SEO, and content, all of which I want to make available online. That variant will be up as soon as I code it, which will be…in a bit. I’m still re-learning CSS from what I taught myself earlier in the year and I still need to learn PHP as well so that I know what I’m doing once I start diving into WordPress code.

The Year of Walden continues in private; I’ve got all my data for my garden together now, just waiting to be culled through, and I’ve got about seven or eight recipes with reviews for the Come Cook With Me segment waiting to be written.

In short, lots of content coming that I just need to stop worrying about so much and just sit down and work on.

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