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Was reminded by a friend of mine that I have a blog, and so I will begin adding content to it again, if only to keep it somewhere fresher in Google’s heuristics. I’ve been reticent about blogging:

  • 25% because the internet has moved on and the blog format itself is semi-dead in favor of Tumblrized matrices of hyperlinked, reblogged, short-form snippets, a free-form multimedial comments section
  • 25% because writing long-form tends to take time away from my primary writing work
  • 25% because I don’t really know what I want to put on here that isn’t too personal or politic to lump into the “brand” or to present without some anonymous buffer
  • 25% because I get sick at the idea of paying diligence to things like “brand” and “public image” in the absence of actual work to promote as being nothing more than an exhibition of an overinflated sense of ego. (…a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing…)

I only blog at a whim, and I haven’t had much time for whimsy in the last year or so. That being said, you might get a better idea of my current state by looking at a cross-section of my tabs open in Chrome right now:

1-4) What to do when you get bored of your own writing and general writing advice
5) Reddit ELI5: why is genetically modified food considered bad?
6) Bird species common to American riverways
7-9) Eye-speculums: safe use and prices online
10) Wiki: 2011 San Fernando Massacre; Alleged Gladiator-Like Killings
11-13) Dialog and characterization techniques in Death of a Salesman
14-18) Amazon e-publishing guides and concerns for writers
19-21) Statistics and analyses on the decline of the ebook reader and the rise of the tablet/phone as e-reader of choice
22-25) RottenTomatoes pages for movies from this year: Spotlight, Spectre, Best of Enemies, Room
26) Half-written sketch of a blog post about the current swerve in short-fiction magazines towards non-white, non-male voices, the politically-divisive spot between equitable commerce and genuine competition when discrimination doesn’t allow for a level playing field, and the strange relationships between authorship, branding, and defacto anonymity on the internet. (Felt like it was too political, too much of a “take” piece, and so I stopped writing it.)
27-30) List of Parasyte the Maxim episodes, episode summaries, and streaming links
31-35) Random Reddit ELI5s on finer points of American politics and history
36-40) How to give yourself a haircut using a trimmer
41-50) Writing advice, outlining advice, subplot advice, and advice on writing stories with complex plots
51-52) Articles on the 7-second discrepancy between our subconscious producing a decision and our conscious sensation of having made it
53-56) Random comment threads
57) Article on a high school gym teacher caught in a three-way affair with two girls at her school
58-61) Funny animal pictures/webcomics
62-66) Assorted Wiki pages on different types of companies and their features/functions
67) Wiki: Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs; Criticism
68) English translation of The Law by Frédéric Bastiat
69) History of the monetization of indulgences in the time of Martin Luther
70-73) Searches for lists of successfully captive-bred species of animals and challenges of captive breeding
74-77) Various defintion/synonym searches: suppurating, withdrawl, brindle
78) Fallout 4 System Requirements
79-87) Recommended replacements for AMD Radeon HD 7500 graphics cards and their prices
88-90) Apex Magazine poem, article, author pages
91-95) Writing and publishing tips in the digital age
96-98) Ray Bradbury’s The October Country and Lacanian psychoanalysis
99) Article denouncing the celebrated way in which authors are roundly rejected for many years then summarily (arbitrarily) picked up and made successes by the publishing industry
100-102) Data entry jobs in Missouri
103-110) How to get jobs requiring experience without experience
111-112) “Is it illegal to lie on a job resume?”
113-118) How to give yourself a haircut using a trimmer
119-130) Porn

©2013 by Blake Vaughn. The text of this story may be redistributed freely in its original form with attribution to the author, Blake Vaughn, and his website, www.blakevaughn.com, as under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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