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Watched in 2013: 100 Reviews of 100 Movies in 100 Characters (or less)

While I fell short on my goals for reading this year, my movie watching was out of the park! In the end, I watched exactly 100 films this year; some were good, some were bad; a lot were middling, mixed, and mediocre.¬†Most of them weren’t released this year, but this year marks the first time […]

2013 Retrospective

I’ve said it before that I don’t generally make formal “resolutions”, but generally do have goals for each year. No idea what I was going on about; Hey, if it looks, smells, and tastes like a potato… I guess I just didn’t like the “I make resolutions for the year and then promptly forget them […]

Teen Films 2014: Rebels Without A Cause (a.k.a. Future Nazis of the Western World)

I started this wanting to experiment with writing in a philosopher-style voice; as a result, here’s ~1,250 words of self-important navel-gazing.¬†Sorry. -Management I recently tweeted a commonality I had noticed between several of the teen-focused films releasing next year, and I wanted to elaborate on my thoughts a little. First, a quick look at the […]