Monthly Archives: October 2013

Just Watched “Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki”–Decent Anime Coming-Of-Age-Life-Drama Flick

Feeling very wibbly-wobbly inside right now. I just made the remarkable discovery, looking back at my diary entries for the past year, that they could be placed in virtually any order and still be interchangeable. I’m still the same sad mope that I was at the beginning of the year, navel-gazing and getting all foux-emotional […]

Some Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen (But Should!)

Whether they simply don’t fit traditional formats, are old, are produced outside of the mainstream studios, or simply never get brought over to the U.S. of A., certain horror films just slip by unnoticed, and there are quite a few gems in among all the straight-to-bargain-bin stuff that goes the same way. I thought I’d […]