Monthly Archives: September 2013

Blake Writes A Story #8

A Crack Runs Through Me (horror) Free download for your eBook reader (right-click and Save As):   PDF   TXT If you want to talk about the dangers of falling in love with your own work, here’s a fine example. I’ve given “A Crack Runs Through Me” more chances at being published than any other […]

My Bloody eBook Reader (or America, The Third World Country)

eBook Readers This week, I was thinking of getting an eBook reader. A long while back, I heard/read that the only way it becomes cost effective to buy one is if you read a ton (a book a week plus newspapers, etc.). In my case, I want it for keeping well-read in various digital short […]

Blake Writes A Story #7

We, Trumpeted (fantasy, historical fantasy, experimental) Free download for your ebook reader (right-click and Save As):   PDF   TXT   Remember when I used to post bi-weekly short stories? Yeah, so do I. Here’s what’s been going on with me lately: 1) I started working on a new novel-sized project that demands a lot of research and self-education. That […]