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Interactive Fiction, Authorial Autoasphyxia, and Twitter

1-IF I had no idea, as of yesterday, that text-based adventure games are still being developed today, that there are annual awards given, and that most of these games are available for free online. I learned all this because it’s the closest genre to my current novel-esque project: “interactive fiction”. More recent IF games feature complex, […]

My Top Nine Favorite Video Game Soundtracks (Click titles to open playlists)

Alan Wake (Petri Alanko, various artists) (I didn’t find any one page that has all the music featured in the game on it; the top one has a significant chunk, however.) My Favorites: Petri Alanko – Tom the Diver; The Black Angels – Young Men Dead; Anomie Bell – How Can I Be Sure; Poe – Haunted; Depeche […]


Turns out the rest of the links actually worked okay; the last post was the only one that had some botched URLs which should be fixed now. Also, I’ll be doing a couple of site design tweaks in the next few days, then it’ll be back to business as usual.

Blake Writes A Story #6

“That House” (horror, experimental) Free download for your ebook reader (right-click and Save As):   PDF   TXT   Testicles! After two or three months, I only just realized that all the links for my files are messed up… Sorry about that, folks! I’ll pop back around and fix all those tonight when I get home from work […]