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Come Cook With Me – Garlicky Six-Bean Soup

For our first cooking entry in the Year of Walden, we have a recipe adapted from Willett and Skerrett’s Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, which was one of the two books that got me off the fence and running for the hills of healthier eating. 2.5 c. assorted dried beans (I used canned lima, red, […]

On Diction

Always kill before you murder, murder before you assassinate and if you absolutely must assassinate, pray no one sees you doing it. (“Kill”, from the Old English cwellan, also has phonetic connections to Old Norse, and has a bit of that Anglo-Saxxon oomph to it. “Murder” has a much longer and storied history, but it […]

Blake Writes a Story #1

January Roses (fantasy, horror) Free download for your ebook reader (Right-Click and Save As):   PDF   TXT SPOILERY INTRODUCTION (which is more of a disclaimer, really): I’m not going to split hairs with you; this story is going to be rough. I think I started writing January Roses back in 2011 with the objective of creating a feminist […]