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Blake Writes A Poem #7

A man sits in paperwork coats fleeced from years better spent on a baby’s first steps or secrets shared within a quiet breath’s breadth.

Blake Writes A Poem #6

The child does not grip her balloons tightly.      They slip from her fingers           float, colorfully,                and gather on the ceiling while her face falls. James goes to get the pole: It reaches far enough      to snag the ribbon, and drag it back down to the Earth. Struggling to carry the cake and her keys and […]

Blake Writes A Poem #5

I met a man today who never was. Behind him stood the man who became, instead. The first informed the second, by degrees; What he did was telling, or seemed so. Sometimes I wonder if I ever met anyone at all?

Blake Writes A Poem #4

Drown me in green, and I will die. Bury me in leaves and grasses; I will suffocate. Yet remove every sprouted scrap, and I would no less           drown. Each among us, is a cell in its place, an organism, jailed within the body whole:       A cell, divided, yet indivisible from the host body. Flesh. Flesh! […]

Blake Writes A Poem #3

I’ve watched a hundred merry vessels Die beneath the waves. Have seen their many iv’ry fo’c’sles Dun and rot away. Yet, from my helm I look and witness Hundreds more today Full sail through shoals that scare me witless ‘Pon which their comrades lie. And I, waiting; I anchored, wait To profits none save hull […]

Bioshock: Infinite Theory?

Alright, I’m about 10 hours into Bioshock: Infinite. Here’s what I think’s going on. Theoretical Spoilers: Elizabeth is a creature from a parallel world. Her race exists with the natural ability to shift through parallel realities. The two folks who drop you off on the boat at the beginning–they’re her real parents. Comstock might never […]

Blake Writes A Poem #2

I sit down to write, brain full of marbles—     it is a marble brain, and a cracked one at that. All the ideas I’ve thought of are drawing and quartering me as I sit here,     resolute and useless. I pull at one thread–the other limbs creak. I’m lost down here. In two hours,     I’ve barely […]

Blake Writes A Poem #1

Blue. Blue; shitstain blue. The nervous oaf that never speaks;     never stops thinking. His head is full of matches     that catch when he’s surrounded             by sparking mouths. Smoke pours out his nostrils, eyes glow bright just like a Jack-o-lantern on Halloween night:     vivid, light and ghostly. Cooler heads shy away, huddling for warmth. The oaf […]


So, based on my free time, here’s all the stuff I want to do with my blog and how I’m going to try to cram it all into my daily life: Monday Tuesday Wednesday FEATURES: Blog: Walden Poem Poem Ginsberg LS Poem BEHIND THE SCENES/PREP: -Movie Night -Exercise/Gardening -Groceries -House-work -Home projects -Exercise/Gardening -NO INTERNET […]

Killing Time: A Statistical Analysis of Horror Periodicals

I was indexing data on the various horror rags that I was planning on submitting my work to. My plan for today was originally just to tabulate the average rejection times for the periodicals I was looking at as listed on Duotrope. In order to populate my blog posts with short stories (see my previous […]