Monthly Archives: January 2013

My Jams

I just updated my music library again with some new songs, which means…new jams! *   *   * Combichrist – Never Surrender (metal, electronic, aggrotech, EBM) The main song used from Combichrist’s musical library for DmC Devil May Cry (specifically, for fights), its tenor reminds me of Crud’s “Reality” where it drags its belly through low […]

I’ve just purchased around $100 in used books. I’m sitting and I look at my purchase and in a flash of insight, I start removing items from my order. … Today, I re-watched Sherlock, the BBC’s fantastic adaptation with Cumberbatch as the titular modernized update of the classic antisocial genius sleuth. In my therapy work, […]

Mystery Script

I received a used copy of Ju-On in the mail and the enclosed invoice was printed–apparently–on half of the back of a movie/television script, which I present to you: ———————- So they’ve all ganged up on Daddy. Well that’s fine. This isn’t so difficult after all. He picks her up and holds her face to […]

The Life and Deaths of Superman & Batman

EDIT: This is all a bit rambly–I lose my train of thought here and there. Not a particularly good post, but there it is. It occurs to me, after watching the (excellent) animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns that both Batman and Superman are immortal in the DC universe. This is as […]

On Running and Walking

Passion. Verve. Intensity. Talking about it objectively kills it, pins it dead to the page; you can sidle around it with metaphor, but only in the being rapt by it can you understand it. It’s an emotional thing. It’s working past exhaustion. It’s the same love that one must bring to art to receive it […]


And with 2012 behind us, let’s look forward now, to the year to come, and what plans I’ve set into motion…   The Year of Walden/The Thoreau Experiment As I posted earlier, I’ve read two books in 2012–Thoreau’s Walden and Dr. Willett’s & Skerrett’s Eat, Drink, Be Healthy. The two together espouse a very, VERY […]


Oftentimes, I end up using the end of the year as many do, looking back on this rather significant chunk of time that I’ve somehow managed wander through blindly without being shot, tornadoed, zombified or Quetzalcoatled and I consider how I’ve spent my time. This year was one of productivity, yet also inconclusivity: I finished a […]