Monthly Archives: May 2012

Writer’s Block: Part 2

My biggest fear is not of what I will write; It is that fear that paralyzes those that stand on stage and destroys public speaking: I’m afraid that when I open my mouth I’ll have nothing to say. In many ways, this is worse than saying something wrong, even the worst wrong thing is better […]

The Music Post

I have an mp3 player. I do not have a smart phone–I have a phone with a great deal of personal weaknesses and character flaws that make it the plucky, serviceable piece of technology that will ideally last me clear through the next three iPhone releases. I am a Luddite in the gradual slope towards […]

A Perfectionist With Social Anxiety Tries to Have an Adventure

It always starts off the same way. First, there’s a rush of mild vertigo, accompanied by a tingling in the palms. As my bike thrums down the highway into the city, the wind roaring past reducing the sounds of the world to rushing wind, diesel engines, and the whoosh of cars tearing by, changing the […]


Proof that I HAVE been doing things while my computer’s been away in the magical land of broken PCs: My new mint-chocolate-colored office, particularly the sheeeelves. The contents of my old bookshelves easily expanded outwards into the new shelves and I’m probably going to be a bit more flexible about the stacking order for a […]