Monthly Archives: April 2012

New Office Logistics

And so, two of my roommates have moved out, thus freeing up their master bedroom for occupancy in addition to the unventilated, unlit office that I they were using for their computer room, ┬ávis-a-vis, my new writing office. Ever since I was in grade school, I’ve had to work out of my bedroom rather than […]

Updates Pending

Not a lot of updates really–I don’t have much viewership, I know, and it seems particularly pathetic and perhaps a bit too revealing to be crying pity for tardiness on an empty room, but with my computer still out for repairs (nearing it’s month and a half mark; thank you Best Buy) and my roommates […]

The Office

I think that for my office, I’d like to build a room that hates me. It’d be much easier to focus shifting the burden of hating my writing from within myself to my environment, having a room that I can sit down in and say “fuck you” to and escape into my head to avoid. […]

Unpleasant Discoveries

I realized just now that I am still, in many ways, a child. It is phenomenally disappointing to be all grown up (a phrase that smacks of being “all used up”) and find that you still aren’t an adult like you wanted to be when you were an unheeded child.