Monthly Archives: March 2012

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Silent Hill 2 In this game, you play as Murphy Pendleton, a prison inmate who is sidelined into the surreal town of Silent Hill when the bus for his transfer to a supermax prison crashes off the edge of one of the town’s many bottomless ravines. Throughout the game, Pendleton tries to run from his […]

On Disease

It seems like I never really luck out when it comes to cold season. I know that “not ending the year with a terminal illness” is, would be by popular definition, lucky, in the most emphatic use of the word, but we creatures do have in our natures an element of uncontrollable discontent which drives […]

Blake Goes to a Bar with a Band

The bar, as it turned out, was not quite a dive bar, or not what I’d imagine a dive bar to be. A dive bar, in my mind, is without soul or heart: It’s a despairing place where people go in a misguided attempt to¬†alleviate some intrinsic problem of mind, mood or situation with alcohol. […]

You know that typo…?

No matter how many times you revise a work, an author, reading the “final” draft of his manuscript will find a glaring, baldfaced, cruel, pointed, and flabbergasting typo as soon as he or she sits down to read the work AFTER its submission.   I just found mine in my Clarion workshop application submission.

A Writer Without A Clue

Most days, when I work on writing, I feel I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. There’s a gentleman named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who set forth the psychological dynamics of engagement with a task, with boredom trending towards anxiety where challenge is present but (actual or, in some cases, perceived) skill is lacking and […]

Post-Submission Blues

There’s nothing worse than that feeling after submitting something for review that you know it just wasn’t good enough. So it is for me in the wending hours after I’ve submitted my novel excerpt for Clarion. In the shower today, I was thinking about the nature of writing and it seems, with regards to technique, […]