Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dennō Coil and Writing Updates

Chapter 1 is in an improving state. I’m working on trying to balance the perspective shifts which are inherently confusing and, in that vein, boring, with the characterization that they represent. Right now I’m in a state of extreme work: I tend to lose focus on my physical needs (I’ve eaten one meal today, a […]


I’m working on my application for Clarion, trying to make my introduction letter pop and refining the first two chapters of my novel until they come to life again and match where the rest of the book ended up. Unfortunately, my main character is a psychotic drunk in the story’s beginning so it’s slow going […]


Last night was one of those nights of sleep where the dreams bordered on prophetic. Usually the product of an overtaxed waking day–in this case, stressed out about the condition of my novel–I tend to wake up from those dreams with my mind, rather than oozing back into a state of coherence, steaming and leaden […]

Science vs. Magic in Fiction

Where does the demarcation lie between science and magic in fiction? I was already pondering this question last night, before I watched the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society adaptation of The Whisperer in Darkness (and a fine job they did on it too), an adaptation of Lovecraft’s own tale of alien beings with farflung technology that […]

Endless Preparations

I spent the bulk of my working time today trying to develop a lexicon for my world and my characters to use. After two or three hours embarrassingly shy of  two-thousand words typed, I came to a conclusion: Making up slang is hard. Actually, let me refine that a bit. Making up GOOD slang is […]

Where are you?

My name is Blake Vaughn, and this is my blog, but more than that, it’s a chance for you to talk to me and for me to talk back to you and, in this roundabout way, we can get to know one another. Arguably you will get to know me better than I will get […]