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There are several species of writer’s block, and the average writer has tasted each variety at one time or another. There’s procrastination (that virginal dread of the sullied manuscript to come that will replace the beautiful yet vague image in the mind of what the piece might have otherwise been), there’s laziness (consummate sloths, they storytellers be), […]

I Live

Was reminded by a friend of mine that I have a blog, and so I will begin adding content to it again, if only to keep it somewhere fresher in Google’s heuristics. I’ve been reticent about blogging: 25% because the internet has moved on and the blog format itself is semi-dead in favor of Tumblrized matrices of […]

Horror – The Unresolution

In response to:   I agree with most of this article, save for a few points. Firstly, I think that Ligotti’s answer is a cop out, or at least a retreat from the true heart of the question. His answer to “why horror” seems to be “because people want to know that other people feel […]

Experimenting With Writing

Whoo! Been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve still got two monster-big blog posts in the hopper that I’m not sure what to do with, along with a handful of other side projects. It’s getting close to planting season here in Missouri, so that’ll be occupying some of my time once I get […]

Undead Stories

Stories are like zombies. I start off by murdering them onto the page, a stab of the pen at a time, until it’s all good and bled out. Then I toss the body on a midden heap and forget about it. It takes a long time to forget what I’ve perpetrated. Once I do finally […]

Blake Writes a Story #9

Archival Access (fantasy, horror) Free download for your ebook reader (right-click and Save As):   PDF   TXT So ends this year’s short story crop. Sadly, I have not a market to my name, save my own, of my own. I can’t say I’m not disappointed in my lack of progress, but the interest shown […]

Blake Writes A Story #7

We, Trumpeted (fantasy, historical fantasy, experimental) Free download for your ebook reader (right-click and Save As):   PDF   TXT   Remember when I used to post bi-weekly short stories? Yeah, so do I. Here’s what’s been going on with me lately: 1) I started working on a new novel-sized project that demands a lot of research and self-education. That […]

Interactive Fiction, Authorial Autoasphyxia, and Twitter

1-IF I had no idea, as of yesterday, that text-based adventure games are still being developed today, that there are annual awards given, and that most of these games are available for free online. I learned all this because it’s the closest genre to my current novel-esque project: “interactive fiction”. More recent IF games feature complex, […]

“Being” a Writer

I was watching Amanda Palmer “Connecting the Dots”. She asked writers “when did it first feel like you were a writer?” (Or something like that.) She said the most common answer–what I would intuit as the closest thing to a “correct” answer–is when the writer was told that their work moved someone. And that really […]

Blake Writes a Story #2

As A Fledgling Descends – Part 1 (horror, sci-fi, drama) Free download for your ebook reader (Right-Click and Save As):   PDF   TXT   Originally, I had written “Fledgling” for a series of philosophical horror stories, the premise of which being that, if free will is an illusion, how horrific would it be to actually have free will? How […]