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Poem A Week #2

What will bridges the gap between years long-distant? What tolerances lie between who you were and who you have become? Do years bury the memory of a face, As a tree, bark grown upon bark, spiraling sapling into tower? Rippling waves emanating outward from a willow stick. That heart stick may still stand somewhere, deep […]

Haiku Reviews #2

Slender: The Eight Pages A forest. Alone. Paper cry for help–who’s there? OH GOD SHIT SHIT SHIT Bioshock: Infinite Saturated dreamscape Mysteries on conveyor belts. Guns save the day; why? Bastion Earth is in the sky: The sky that is weeping. No justice for war.

Poem-A-Day Compilation #1 Free download for your ebook reader (Right-Click and Save As):    PDF    TXT I started this micro-marathon of writing cocksure and excited. By the time I crossed the finish line a month later, I was scraped-up and half-limping, but my feet were still under me, and still pumping, more or less. I touch on it […]

Blake Writes A Poem #29 (Video Game Review Haikus #1)

  Binding of Isaac Explore forever Depths of a childhood’s sorrow. Brimstone is O.P. The Walking Dead Lee’s Leg; Clem’s hat: Stained. Button prompts: Drag, chop, stab, smash… Mashing “X” for hope. Mark of the Ninja I become shadows. My foes are many, but frail. Silent blade stills tongues.

Blake Writes A Poem #28

(I think I wrote this, but I don’t remember–I found it in a text file on my desktop. If this is someone else’s, let me know and I’ll take it down and give credit where credit’s due.) The sated itch whispers in his ear; it calls him lover. The wind carries a leaf scudding down […]

Blake Writes A Poem #27

They were not like us when they came. They weren’t bipedal,      And they didn’t care that we were. They didn’t speak English      Or Chinese           Or Russian,                And they didn’t try to. They did not breathe our oxygen,      Though they seemed somewhat interested in our salts. They did not convert to our economic system:      They neither […]

Blake Writes A Poem #26

To piss is good. Defecation is good. To eat, to fuck, is pleasurable. To die is pain. To sicken is misery. To taste of rot is bad. The sunrise abstracted out– To see nature’s beauty is good. Flowers, good. Colors, good. Novelty, good. Boredom is bad– Loss is bad; sorrow is bad. The loved one’s […]

Blake Writes A Poem #25

Who was that child? Whose words bred optimism in his ears? Who taught him to love as Christ loved Before he thought to question Christ? Who was this boy, so open to be hurt by others, So feckless and reckless and meek? What upstart was he, who demanded answers from P.O.T.U.S., Asking “Why is there […]

Blake Writes A Poem #24

To the worm cut clean through by my spade, I am sorry. I see you writhing–two halves prolong an agony started with one. My bloodless vegetable garden Has been despoiled in its genesis, Your death doubly without purpose. My ground is so fertile, My soil, so rich: The wealth and abundance I reap Was built […]

Blake Writes A Poem #23

Birds of the Tower Birdsong crashes into the field: Seven voices; I would know their names. But though I memorize the Latin      –genus, species, phylum, et cetera– I do not know the secret names They call themselves and others. Egg-stealer. Life-love. Friend-enemy. Dangerous brother. Wise trickster. Bold fool. Oh, what beauteous discord! What many languages they […]