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Watched in 2015: 108 Reviews in 108 Characters (or fewer)

2015 was kind of a shit year, to be honest. Not “my dog has cancer and now I also have cancer” shit, but let’s say that if 2015 got a passing grade, it was only because they didn’t care enough to hold it back a year. [2015 (2015) – (6/10)] A few speckles of gold here […]

2013 Retrospective

I’ve said it before that I don’t generally make formal “resolutions”, but generally do have goals for each year. No idea what I was going on about; Hey, if it looks, smells, and tastes like a potato… I guess I just didn’t like the “I make resolutions for the year and then promptly forget them […]


Turns out the rest of the links actually worked okay; the last post was the only one that had some botched URLs which should be fixed now. Also, I’ll be doing a couple of site design tweaks in the next few days, then it’ll be back to business as usual.

No Poem Today

Sorry folks– Too busy today To write one.


Some quick updates on blog scheduling: Poem A Day – Poem-A-Day shall continue unabated, except, possibly, for a small hiccup next week for doing more tune-up work on my blog. I’ll also be doing a compilation at the end of each “month” in eReader-formatted pdfs so I can work out the kinks before the short […]

Blog Design Update

Hey all, just a quick post to herald the new blog design. First off, I know it looks a little funky right now: The background doesn’t have quite the resolution I’d like and that big open gutter on the right is where my sidebars will be going once I have those up and running. For […]


First half of Chris Hecker’s GDC 2013 rant has led me to a revised method of producing content for my blog. While I’m still working on getting short stories into submission, it’s becoming clear that I’m working too slow to stay on target. Same goes for poems; I’m too reticent to write them. Theoretically, if I […]

The Year of Walden – Gardening, Part 1

Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.      -Henry David Thoreau As a man who espoused simple living, Thoreau was a man of […]

My Jams

I just updated my music library again with some new songs, which means…new jams! *   *   * Combichrist – Never Surrender (metal, electronic, aggrotech, EBM) The main song used from Combichrist’s musical library for DmC Devil May Cry (specifically, for fights), its tenor reminds me of Crud’s “Reality” where it drags its belly through low […]

Exit 714 and the Midwest Avengers at Baha’s

When I get to Big A’s, I find a split mix: Lindenwood girls on dates and middle aged women with raspy voices who act like college girls on dates. It’s a date night on Historic Main Street. On recommendation I order beer cheese soup and a burger. Everyone is wearing their lucky charms—red and white—ineffectually; […]